Bible Translations

The study of the origins of our modern day New Testament translations has intrigued me for the last few weeks. Just as a pass-time, I’ve been researching and considering whether or not one version can be better than another. Personally, I have always favored consulting multiple translations when studying the Bible, as described in an earlier post.

There are certain translations I value over others for different purposes. For example, I’ve always known that some translations tend to be more conservative and translate as accurately and directly as possible from the original Greek. Others use more modern language and sentence structure. I find the latter more beneficial for general overview and getting the big picture quickly. These translations are good for reading large portions of Scripture. I consult the more literal translations for in-depth study of topics or small passages.

I believe each has its place, and as many as possible should be consulted to understand a verse or passage best. However, I have found that many disagree, and that’s where I became interested.

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